Phases, A New Month & Finding your Flow.

We’re in October!! The year’s going to be over before we know it. It feels like just yesterday when I wrote my “Four Months to go” blog post (encouraging all of us to make the most of the remaining months):

And for some of us, come September, it’ll be time to resume our studies. (Still not entirely sure how I feel about this).

So, university has indeed started and with that start seems to have come what I’ll call a “down phase”.

Today’s blog post is basically a reminder to myself and to anyone else who’s feeling anxious, lethargic or weighed down that it’s normal to go through “stuff”-whatever “stuff” entails for you.

You’re not always going to feel positive, social and on top of the world and I think that’s just a part of life. There are ups and downs.

Validate your feelings by acknowledging them, not ignoring them. As much as you may be able to put up a front to others, at least be transparent with yourself.

I believe that you’ll end up finding your flow again- which basically means being back on the ball, back on track, more energetic, feeling good again etc.

When this “flow” will return is uncertain but the main thing to remember during this time is that you can be responsible for the mindset you adopt.

Yes, validate your negative thoughts and emotions by acknowledging “yes, in this moment I feel x,y or z” but don’t stay there.

What are the thoughts you can add onto a “I feel so down right now” to keep you in a positive state of mind?

What are the habits you can adopt to boost your mood?

What self-care rituals do you need to practice more frequently?

Be kind enough to yourself to realise that’s it’s okay to feel down. But also let that self-kindness be reflected in a constant reminder that:

Validating your feelings doesn’t have to be synonymous with self-pity.


This is the hook from a song called “After the Storm”, one of my personal favourites from the summer.

I’m going to close this blog post with the explanation the artist, Kali Uchis gave for these lyrics.


Keep on going. You’ve got “this”, whatever “this” is for you.

See you in my next blog post! ✌️


  1. Well said! Acknowledging your feelings isn’t self-pity, it’s important but just don’t stay in those feelings for too long. Those lyrics from Kali Uchis are everything, I’m going to listen to that song again. Great insights, thanks for sharing x

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